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Bring all your messaging app notifications together in one place with Snowball Beta

How many of these do you use? Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter, Hangouts, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat? Do you find it a pain to keep an eye on conversations within these different services and apps? Well, then you might want to try Snowball Beta, which is essentially a unified inbox that can sit on top of all those apps.

Snowball Beta is an Android-only app, and works by feeding on Android system notifications rather than by linking into the apps themselves. So, Snowball Beta monitors notifications, and knows when you get them. When that happens a snowball icon appears on screen, telling you how many messages you have. Tap it and the app opens up to show your messages bringing different clients' messaging together in one place. If you have no messages, the app icon isn't in view, though a semicircle sits half off-screen, and you can slide that out if you need to double check.

Snowball Beta is not a messaging app in itself. If you want to respond to an incoming message you have to go into the appropriate app, but there are app icons within Snowball Beta that make process fast and easy. You can tell by its name that this is an app in the early stages of development. The people behind it have big ideas – and this may well be one to watch for the future.

Click here to download Snowball Beta for Android.

Product: Snowball Beta

OS: Android

Price: Free