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Fitbit targets smartwatch market with new fitness trackers

Fitbit has confirmed the existence of three new fitness trackers, after details and images were leaked online last week.

The Fitbit Charge, ChargeHR and Fitbit Surge have been given price tags of £99, £119.99 and £199.99 respectively. The Charge is expected to launch on 17 November in the UK, with the other devices to follow in early 2015.

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The Fitbit Surge has been dubbed a "super-watch" and includes GPS-tracking software along with all the usual fitness metrics.

Fitbit will be hoping that the new devices help the company recover from the disappointment of its last major product launch. The Fitbit Force had to be recalled earlier this year after a number of users reported skin irritations after wearing the fitness tracker. It has been reported that the Fitbit Force caused an estimated 9,900 injuries.

All three of the new devices will incorporate the firm's PurePulse technology, used to measure the wearer's heart rate. The feature works by measuring changes in blood volume using small LEDs on the underside of the band, which are then analysed using Fitbit's algorithms.

The launch of Fitbit Surge is perhaps the most notable of the three new releases, as its additional features set it up to compete in the smartwatch market while still targeting fitness fanatics. The watch's LCD display is customisable and can provide text alerts, media playback and caller ID information.

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While Fitbit has dominated the fitness accessory market for the last few years, it remains to be seen if users looking for a more premium device will be tempted by the Fitbit Surge when it launches next year.