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Gmail messages now show up in Google search results

Gmail users can now view their inbox through Google search results, according to a report by TheAndroidSoul.

By entering the following search terms into a Google Now or regular search request users are able to view their messages: my inbox, gmail inbox, get inbox, show inbox, inbox from gmail, inbox by gmail.

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The feature seems to have been available since Google launched its new Gmail "Inbox" platform last week. Inbox is a new hybrid email service that combines a more traditional email client with reminders, photos and a highlights feature.

Gmail search results have so far delivered all types of content, including Promotions, Social and Updates and are available on mobile devices. The feature hasn't been rolled out to all Gmail users however, as it only seems to work with frequently used accounts.

The new Gmail service is part of a continuing trend whereby companies deliver results based not only on information from the web, but also from users' personal accounts. Last week, Yahoo announced a travel and events reminder tool that combines the user's email account with their calendar and search functions.

Following Google's "Inbox" release, Gmail users are also now able to search emails by voice command in Google Now or Google search.

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Google is keeping quiet regarding the new features so far, so it is possible users still have a couple more hidden Gmail secrets to discover.