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Indian IT firm aids UCAS on busiest day of university applications

Consulting and technology solutions firm Infosys worked with UK Uni entry body UCAS on its busiest day of the year to place a record number of students at universities and colleges, it's just announced. The firm, appointed to support UCAS technology at the start of the year, worked with UCAS staff to ensure all its systems could handle the massive workload required on 14 August - A-level results day.

On that day, no less than five million exam results were successfully uploaded to UCAS systems from over 130 files supplied by 36 awarding bodies.

The system was also able to cope with no less than a million student logins from countries across the globe on multiple different channels and devices, say the pair: the highest load recorded was a peak of 239 logins per second “Months of advanced planning with the Infosys team have enabled us to deliver our A-level results day Confirmation and Clearing service, meaning hundreds of thousands of students were able to log in that morning to see if they had secured their place at university or college," confirmed James Munson, director of IT, UCAS.

Ensuring clearing worked this year

“With hundreds of thousands of students receiving their results on the same day, there is a massive spike in demand on the UCAS Track service around the world. Each applicant needs to be able to log in quickly on results day to see their status, and be able to use the Clearing process if they are still looking for a place. UCAS and Infosys have worked closely to ensure the systems are ready for students to take the next important step in their life," added the supplier's Rajesh K. Murthy, executive vice president and global head, Energy, Communications and Service.

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is responsible for managing applications to full-time undergraduate courses in the UK. The charity processes over 2.5m applications every year for some 650,000 prospective students across the UK and beyond, helping them access more than 350 UK universities and colleges.