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Futuristic windowless planes will take off in ten years

Shh, shh you hear that? That's the future, bounding towards you like an exuberant Labrador, and it's got a windowless plane clasped in its jaws.

A UK company, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is looking to design an airplane in the next 10 years that will have no windows or, seemingly, walls.

The consequent effect would be a sort of magic carpet ride, where you sit in your seat staring out into a vast blue sky all around you. It's a futuristic concept, and would be achieved by replacing the airplane cabin's walls with flexible HD screens that curve around the fuselage to display the view outside.

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On top of projecting a view of the fluffy clouds outside, the screens will also be able to give passengers guides to in-flight services, play movies and point out important landmarks on the ground miles below.

The company also promises wider seats and personal OLED screens, but the big plus point of this futuristic concept is its environmental factor. Since plane windows are expensive and heavy, taking them out will make the plane much lighter and thus reduce the amount of fuel consumed by each flight.

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So cheap, futuristic, clever and environmentally friendly – could this be the future of flying? Would you set foot on board a windowless plane? Let us know in the comments below, or take our poll.