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Xerox’s new AI customer care agent learns just like a human

Xerox has developed an intelligent, virtual customer care agent that is capable of understanding and solving customer queries in the same way a human agent would.

The WDS Virtual Agent is based on artificial intelligence research developed by PARC and the Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) and is capable of learning from its human colleagues.

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The AI software listens to human agents diagnose and solve customer issues and then develops the intelligence required to answer customer queries itself, without having to be programmed.

WDS' chief technology officer Nick Gyles explained that the technology is far more developed than in first-generation virtual agents, which rely on basic keyword searches.

"The WDS Virtual Agent has the confidence to solve problems itself because it learns just like we do, through experience," he said. "The more care data it's exposed to, the more effective it becomes in delivering relevant and proven responses."

The new technology makes use of the terabytes of data available to contact centres in order to better understand the consumer. Customer sentiment, described symptoms, problem types, root causes and solution techniques are all available to the virtual agent.

The agent is delivered as a cloud-based solution and is flexible enough to suit any brand. Its avatar, along with response tone and manner, can all be adjusted to give the machine the appropriate personality for an organisation's image.

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WDS Virtual Agent will be available before the end of the year and interested businesses can find more information about the platform here.