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Facebook predicts 2015 revenue slowdown amid soaring expenses

Facebook has made its name in the business world with numerous high-profile multi-billion dollar acquisitions, including the purchases of WhatsApp and Oculus. Now the social network company is expecting a slowdown in revenue as its expenses catch up to its profits.

According to CFO Dave Wehner, Facebook is set for a 55 to 75 per cent spike in expenditure in 2015 as it sinks more cash into its subsidiary products and businesses. Many of those businesses, including WhatsApp and Oculus, have yet to make a profit for Facebook and its likely this move is an attempt to stimulate some growth amongst them.

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The company refused to provide a roadmap for the pace of its expenditure, however, causing some worry amongst its investors.

"Giving expense guidance without giving revenue guidance is frustrating and spooking The Street," said BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, according to Reuters.

"The multi-billion dollar question is what's revenue growth going to look like next year?"

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Zuckerberg has reportedly told Wall Street that he isn't rushing to extract an instant pay-off from Facebook's collection of acquisitions, instead hoping to grow their respective user bases first.

Messaging service WhatsApp, which Facebook acquired in February for $19 billion (£11.7 billion), made a total loss of $232.5 million (£144 million) in the first six months of 2014. However, in half that time Facebook itself accrued a total revenue of more than $3.2 billion (£1.98 billion), due in part to its successful mobile advertising campaigns.

The social network's total number of monthly users also reached 1.35 billion in the third quarter, with 64 per cent of those accessing the site every single day.