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HTC Sense 7 leaked screenshots show Android Lollipop similarities

Screenshots of HTC's next major Sense UI release have been leaked online.

YouMobile posted the images today, which suggest that Sense 7 will not tamper too much with the look of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Details are currently few and far between, but the pictures indicate that the new user interface will boast more of a flat design, with high contrasting accent colours. It is currently difficult to predict how other features, like widgets and Blinkfeed, will look in the new operating system.

Google is expected to launch the final version of Android 5.0 Lollipop next week, with HTC previously pledging to deliver a software update within 90 days of receiving the code from the search engine giant. The current design is based on the Android Lollipop Developer Preview, the most recent build of which was released earlier this month.

HTC's decision to develop a major new release of its Sense UI, instead of a minor update to the current 6.0 build, perhaps suggests the manufacturer is working on new handsets.

If that is the case, it's likely that Sense 7 could undergo some major changes before it ultimately launches alongside the successor to the HTC One M8.

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Sense 6.0, nicknamed "Sixth Sense," was only launched back in March of this year and has proved popular amongst users for its increased customisation options and use of transparency effects.