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New activity tracker from Xmetrics talks to you whilst you're swimming

Xmetrics has launched the first wearable device made specifically for swimmers that gives the user feedback on a range of parameters, including the number of laps, lap time and quality of kick turn.

The ergonomically designed device attaches to the back of a pair of goggles and provides real-time, audio feedback so, as co-founder Andrea Rinaldo puts it, "it's like having your own coach whispering in your ear to keep you focused."

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At the end of the session, all the data is uploaded to the Xmetrics mobile app, which is compatible with all iPhones and iPads and any Android Bluetooth certified smartphone, to provide a dashboard view of the swimmer's performance and compare results against his or her goals.

Rinaldo, a former professional swimmer himself, went on to say, "I've tried almost every swim device on the market but they were either too uncomfortable, created drag, or were just too complicated to operate."

"With this device, a swimmer will make his or her stroke count, will get real-time audio feedback on performance, biological feedback and enjoy a design which is made for comfort and convenience."

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Co-founder Francesco Quartuccio said, "In order to get better you have to measure, Xmetrics makes it easy for swimmers to do exactly that."

The device can be used by professional or amateur swimmers and is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.