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Seven in 10 companies have embraced cloud for mission critical apps

According to a recent report, 70 per cent of organisations are using the cloud to run mission critical applications

The report found that enterprise spend on the cloud is up 38 per cent year on year. For many firms (84 per cent), uptime was the most crucial factor in selecting a cloud service. A mere 14 per cent of those surveyed said cost reduction was the main driver for moving into the cloud.

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The survey found that 80 per cent of cloud spending is managed by the IT department, and over half is managed directly by the CIO.

The report interpreted this as: "IT and the lines of business respect each other's expertise and are working together to achieve the best results".

According to the survey, shadow IT was an important push factor for CIOs' adoption of the cloud. The report said that few of the IT leaders it had spoken to wanted to "hold the business back or stymie innovation".

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"If they ever showed any hesitation in seizing the opportunities that cloud presented, it was only reasoned caution about exposing the business to compliance issues, security breaches, and other risks. This concern wasn't unique to cloud, it's a fundamental part of the role of the IT function to ask these sorts of questions of any new technology," the report said.

The results were published by Verizon in its State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2014 report. It was conducted by 451 Research on 988 IT leaders.