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Tech or treat! Techie costume ideas for Halloween 2014

At every Halloween party you meet people who aren't that fussed about spending ages crafting a character for their costume.

"Hey, I have to do that in front of the wardrobe every morning for real," they reason, churning through the airing cupboard for the biggest, whitest sheet they can throw over their heads before proclaiming themselves Casper.

Others, however, take slightly longer to suss the most original Halloween costume ideas for the 2014 season. It's troublingly easy to lose hours trawling through endless Internet sites of inspiration, blinking yourself out of the "sexy witch" stupor to find an entire day / night cycle's passed and your stomach's now digesting itself.

So for the latter type of people, those who like their Halloween served up in great steaming bowls of carefully crafted frights, here are seven costume ideas with a terrifyingly techie twist.

The error of terror

Scariest. Halloween. Costume. Ever.

Angry Birds

This man is angry. Perhaps because you did not wear a proper Halloween costume.

Social media mania

Because sometimes it all gets a bit much.

Grumpy cat

Doesn't approve of Halloween.

Apple iPod

Sure, Apple's iconic iPod range isn't terrifying in itself. But write "One Direction" on the "Now Playing" sheet strapped to yourself and we can guarantee people will run screaming.

Bono's Apple sell-out

So, this is an actual picture of Bono, not a costume Bono. But it embodies the kind of forceful attitude you're going to have to channel in your "Bono sells out to Apple" costume. Just put on a leather jacket, don some shades, and hand out CDs with "Songs of Innocence" scrawled across the front in black marker to anyone you meet. Truly horrific.

SEO Ninja

Pull on your tightest pair of black trousers, your baggiest black shirt, and poke eye holes on that black wooly hat you never liked anyway. Voila, you are a ninja - all you need now is to tape random "keywords" all over your body and you are everyone's worst nightmare. An SEO ninja.

What are you going as this Halloween? If you have any ideas (or pictures) tweet them at us @ITProPortal or let us know in the comment section below.