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Is the DevOps revolution leaving UK firms behind?

Lack of awareness from IT leaders about DevOps could put British businesses at risk.

32 per cent of UK business leaders were found to be unfamiliar with DevOps, putting Britain at a potential disadvantage to other countries who are more up to date.

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Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Rackspace, surveyed 250 UK IT decision makers and found that only 40 per cent of those familiar with DevOps had actually implemented its practices. The US performs better here with a figure of 66 per cent, as does Australia with 50 per cent implementing the practice properly. 450 leaders were questioned from these two countries.

UK businesses that are slow to adopt DevOps put themselves at a competitive disadvantage to those that are on the ball, the research implicates. With DevOps, UK businesses can increase speed, improve stability and make cost-savings in their software application development process, it added.

Respondents flagged increased customer conversion (40 per cent), reduced application downtime (41 per cent) and reduced IT infrastructure spend (32 per cent) as gains from DevOps adoption.

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Businesses already implementing DevOps boasted faster time to market for new features (49 per cent), more stable operating environments (45 per cent) and improved collaboration of project teams (38 per cent).

US and Australian businesses showed that more emphasis was given to the cultural aspects of DevOps practices. Aspects such as fully integrating the development team and the operations team (53 per cent and 56 per cent respectively) and aligning DevOps goals to business goals (56 per cent and 38 per cent respectively) took precedent.