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Keep up to date with the news easily via The Week

There are plenty of apps that provide curated news services for free, so why would you pay for one? In the case of The Week you'd pay because you are getting a traditional news magazine that's produced from more than 200 print and online sources, one which covers the big national and international news stories of the week in an easily digestible way.

The Week takes a traditional magazine approach to things, by which I mean it is delivered weekly – automatically downloaded over Wi-Fi (though there is also a daily headlines update if you want it).

It isn't the kind of service that learns your reading habits and then tries to match stories to them. You get what you get, and that means there is the opportunity to discover new things you might not have thought would interest you as you flick around. Oh, and it's not just about news. There are recipes and crosswords to get your head around too.

Of course you can take advantage of the electronic nature of your copy of The Week by sharing articles with other people using email, Facebook and Twitter. You get two weeks for free, then you can subscribe.

Click here to download The Week for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: The Week

OS: iOS, Android

Price: Free for 14 days, then £2.49 per issue, or subscribe