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Keeping the capital connected: EE’s 4G+ network launches across Central London

Telecommunications firm EE has activated its 4G+ LTE-Advanced network in Central London, capable of providing speeds of up to 150Mbps.

The mobile operator confirmed that the network, which makes use of the 2.6GHz spectrum, is available in areas such as Soho, Old Street, Shoreditch, Westminster and Kensington from today.

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EE plans to expand the LTE-Advanced network to other areas of the country including Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and the rest of Greater London, by the end of 2015.

Currently only two handsets are compatible with the new network, which delivers average speeds of 90Mbps, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4.

According to The Inquirer, the chief executive of EE, Olaf Swantee, believes that the UK has reclaimed its position as a world leader of mobile networks.

"Just two years since we were behind every developed market from the US to Japan, we've invested in innovation, driven competition and given people in London a mobile network that's faster than almost any other in the world, and even faster than most fibre broadband available here," he said.

"We're delighted to be able to exclusively offer our business and consumer customers on EE plans the fastest speeds available in the UK."

Earlier this week, EE confirmed that it had reached its end-of-year target of six million customers already, while its regular 4G network is now available in 300 towns across the UK.

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The operator confirmed it had connected 19 more areas in order to reach the figure, including Warwick, Tring, Warminster and Alexandria in Scotland.