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LG bashes the bezel for new full HD smartphone display

LG’s battle to beat the bezel is almost complete after it debuted a smartphone display that features the world’s narrowest bezel that should find its way onto devices very soon.

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The firm’s display arm has unveiled a full HD smartphone display with a bezel measuring in at just 0.7mm that is narrower than the thickness of a credit card [0.8mm].

“With the growing trend for large screen smartphones, customer demand for displays with a narrow bezel is increasing, because it enables users to enjoy the maximum use of screen area without compromising excellent grip and design,” explained Byeong-koo Kim, VP and Head of IT/Mobile Development Group at LG Display.

LG developed the new display by using its “Neo Edge” module processing technology and “Advanced In-Cell Touch [AIT]” technology that allow the bezel to be shrunk down considerably.

Neo Edge lets LG use an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach and totally seal the edges of the panel’s circuit board and backlight unit. It is able to achieve such a small bezel width as there is no plastic guide panel to attach the panel and backlight plus it also blocks light leakage and is both waterproof and dustproof. Using an adhesive instead of double-sided tape also prevents the chance that corrosion will occur on the edges of the glass panel.

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AIT, meanwhile, decreases the need for bezel space because the touch panel is a part of the LCD module. LG plans to start mass producing the display panels in November and its first customers will be in China before the remainder of the world in the not so distant future.