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Android creator Andy Rubin says goodbye Google

Google is bidding adieu to Android cofounder Andy Rubin who leaves to head up an incubator for hardware startups and it ends a nine-year association between the two.

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Rubin, who also worked at Apple once upon a time, stepped down from Android in March 2013 and ever since has been working on Google’s robotics project that he helped accelerated through the acquisition of seven companies.

"I want to wish Andy all the best with what's next. With Android he created something truly remarkable - with a billion plus happy users. Thank you," said Google's chief executive and co-founder Larry Page, according to Reuters.

The firm announced that James Kuffner, a Google research scientist and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, will now lead Google’s robotics project, and it comes after Sundar Pichai took over Android from Rubin in 2013.

Rubin arrived at Google in 2005 as part of the firm’s acquisition of Android and he helped it from its position then to become the world’s largest mobile operating system.

Before taking his place at Google, Rubin worked at Apple for a short time, General Magic, spent some time at Danger [the firm responsible for the Sidekick mobile device], and even put his creative weight behind the WebTV venture eventually bought by Microsoft.

Android continues to go from strength-to-strength under Pichai’s leadership and it was only recently that Page gave the former Google Chrome and Apps worker a wider remit on the mobile OS.

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Google’s mobile OS is still the undoubted leader in terms of worldwide share with an 84.7 per cent share of the market in Q2 2014 compared to just 11.7 per cent for iOS and it was an increase from the 79.6 per cent it held in Q2 2013. It goes to show the value of Rubin’s work on the OS is never going to be understated by the firm.

Image Credit: Flickr (Joi Ito)