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Deadline iPhone app uses biometrics to predict when you'll die

Fitness trackers and morbidity aren’t the most compatible of bedfellows yet a new app is aiming to change all that.

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For just $0.99 [£0.62], Deadline, for the iPhone, claims that it can use the device’s new HealthKit SDK to accurately predict when the device owner is ready to kick the can.

It does this by asking the owner a number of questions before using an algorithm to compile data from the HealthKit and produces a countdown timer that tells you how long it will be until the Grim Reaper arrives on your doorstep, according to Gizmodo.

A timer then creepily crops up in the device’s notification centre to point how long you have got left on this earth and will presumably stay there until it runs down to zero or you uninstall it through fear of it actually ringing true.

Developer Alaric Cole, who also created Fitly, told The Next Web that the app uses algorithms similar to those utilised by insurance companies to get to the estimates. The good news is that if you change your lifestyle and become healthier the figure can be recalculated to give you a few more years, minutes, hours and seconds on the clock.

If that sounds like its up your street then make sure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 8 in order that the HealthKit SDK is present and head over to the App Store to start your journey to find out when you’ll die.

Image Credit: The Independent