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Keep all those bits and bobs of information handy with Clips

Here's a scenario. You're using your iPhone to try to pull together a document, and there are useful bits and bobs that you want to include all over the place. Some are in various emails, some are bits from websites, others in Google Docs. You are getting really fed up with going back and forth between the same email and web page to copy different sections to drop into your new document.

Here's another scenario. You've got Clips installed. You go into an email which contains several bits of text you want to use in a fresh document. Identify the first one, pull down Clips and drop it in with a tap. Go back to the email, identify the second one, drop it into Clips. This is an iPhone-only app, and you can use the widget in iOS 8 for super-fast access to pasting clips. Once they are in Clips you can use your snippets as often as you like.

Clips is one of those little apps you might take to like a duck to water. Certainly if you want an easy way to store standard texts or useful bits of information, or bring stuff together for the short term to help with a document or project, Clips has potential. It is free and unlimited for the first week of use, so you can give it a thorough try out, but thereafter you are limited to five clips unless you pay up.

Click here to download Clips for iOS.

Product: Clips


Price: Free for first week, then £1.49