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Tech News Weekly Podcast 40: Halloween special

On this week's podcast we hear about the innovative work going into designing windowless planes in the future. Why you should be worried if you have ever used Tor plus why a Mozilla exec said "Privacy, what's that?" in a recent interview with the team!

Plus we run down our spookiest, scariest or downright creepiest Tech Stories of 2014 so far.

Joining Wayne Scott this week is Sam Pudwell, Alysia Judge, Paul Cooper and Tom Phelan.

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Articles discussed this week

Ever used Tor? Then your computer might be riddled with malware

Privacy? 'What's that?' says Mozilla Foundation exec

Futuristic windowless planes will take off in ten years

Top 3 scariest tech stories

3. 3D tech enables parents to hold babies before birth

2. Introducing AISight: The slightly scary CCTV network completely run by AI

1. Check out this creepy vein-embedded jewellery that powers your phone with your blood