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Apple Watch will launch next spring, as opposed to 'early' 2015

Some more gossip has filtered down the smartwatch grapevine, this time concerning Apple's device which is coming out next year.

But when exactly next year? Previously, Apple has said that the watch will debut in early 2015, with some speculation bandied about concerning a possible February launch – but it appears that certainly won't be happening.

In fact, a leaked transcript of a video message (highlighted by 9 to 5 Mac) to Apple Store employees from Angela Ahrendts, the Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, mentioned that the Apple Watch launch is due to happen in the "spring". That could mean late March in theory, but April seems more likely – and that's hardly "early" 2015, so it's possible we've seen a bit of slippage here.

The battery still seems to be a sticking point for Cupertino, and it's obviously important to get battery life right before the device is launched. Many folks aren't keen on the idea of a smartwatch that has to be charged up too often, as that could feel burdensome on top of keeping a smartphone constantly charged up – so Apple would indeed be wise to eke out the maximum capacity possible.

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9 to 5 Mac notes that the problem may not be overall capacity as such, now, but rather tweaking the charging system to ensure that it juices the battery up relatively speedily. That will obviously help on the convenience front.

Meanwhile, if you want an Apple Watch, you may have to wait close on six months for it still...

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