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Why your recruitment methods are wrong

Firms may be missing out on a big Gen Y draw by neglecting how much tech they put into the recruitment process.

Kirstie Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing at LaunchPad Recruits (opens in new tab), a video interviewing company, warns that communication is a major issue within the entire recruitment sector, with many bosses ignoring the power of what is now an affordable and widely available option, video interviewing, for instance: “We are now in a time when technology should be integral to your thinking. Statistics show that video is 60,000 times more engaging that other communication methods, making it a vital tool for any organisation looking to recruit.

"With an average of 23 candidates applying for every role, video screening helps to improve the calibre of candidate advancing to further assessments and reduces costs by up to 24 per cent."


Kelly is convinced from her experiences working with clients that candidates "never forget how you make them feel during the process," and that with video interviewing prospective employers can convey a strong message.

"The feedback we received for video screening has been largely positive from both sides of the desk, with many saying it is a more efficient and ethical way of interviewing.

"With over 5,000,000,000 people expected to be mobile efficient by 2020, it is a necessity to stay ahead of the ever changing technologies and this will be via communication," she added.

Other new approaches worth considering may be talent pools, used by Nestle since 2006 and which has helped it reduce the cost of hiring from £4,000 to £700, as well as more use of online - Marks and Spencer has moved 95 per cent of its recruit online and cut hiring costs by 40 per cent, it is estimated by commentators.

Kelly was speaking at a recent London seminar hosted by e-Recruitment software provider WCN (opens in new tab).

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