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Is the startup 'hoody 'n' jeans' ethos attractive to employees?

New research by has revealed evidence that double the number of people working in corporates want to leave their jobs compared to those in startups.

65 per cent of corporate workers also said that working in a startup would be their dream job.

When asked what they hated about working for a corporate, "office politics" (53%), "lack of recognition" (45%) and "lack of career progression and purpose" (37%), were all flagged by survey participants.

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Those in startups said how they loved the team morale and creative environment (77%), great social life (60%) and "shared enthusiasm for the business" (56%), all afforded to them by working in small company. 45 per cent also said that a "a relaxed atmosphere and no dress code" was a positive aspect.

When asked what they loved about working in a corporate, participants valued the more traditional career rewards of a pension (59%), a well-recognised name to put on one's CV (37%) and annual pay increases (25%).

Eiso Kant, co-founder and managing director of, interpreted the results:

"This research shows that traditional corporates are losing the battle for talent. What matters more to people now is a sense of purpose and being part of something, which is where startups do so well," he said.

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"Over 1,000 jobseekers have applied for startup jobs through us in the last 30 days and we've had over 6,000 applicants in the last three months. We've also had more than 500 new companies join us in the last three months and expect to have 1,000 companies by the end of the year."

Nearly a third of people working in startups surveyed said they were pleased they switched from working in a corporate. The reason most cited was feeling valued (34%), with 57 per cent of those in startups saying that they'd never consider moving to a corporate company.

The survey was conducted amongst 1,027 employees in companies with 500+ employees, from 21 October 2014 – 27 October 2014. Another survey was conducted amongst 93 startups, from 22 October 2014– 27 October 2014.

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