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Kevin Spacey says Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's tech enabled ‘incredible creativity’

In an interview with the Guardian, US actor Kevin Spacey has opened up regarding his new role in the next Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game.

The Oscar-winning actor said that his performance as military leader Jonathan Irons uses full motion-capture technology, rather than being simply a voiceover role.

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"When you look over at the monitor where they've rendered that world, you're standing in a helicopter and your hand is on its roof. And then you get into a jeep and it drives away. And you think 'What the FUCK! I'm so far away right now from the Old Vic and a theatre audience,'" he said.

Spacey's involvement is part of a growing trend of video games and Hollywood working closely together. The Call of Duty franchise has previously employed David S. Goyer, screenwriter for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, and British actor Gary Oldman for a voiceover role.

Spacey added that the opportunity to explore a new medium was a key reason for agreeing to take part in the project.

"When Activision released the trailer in May, there were hundreds of people asking 'who the hell is Kevin Spacey and why is he in Call of Duty?'" he said. "It's a brand new audience for me. It's kinda cool: if they like what they see in Call of Duty, they may want to go and watch House of Cards, or a movie I've done in the past."

The actor, who is well-known for performances in The Usual Suspects, Seven and American Beauty, also believes that the convergence of technology and culture, including the growth of online streaming, is having a positive effect on the entertainment industry.

"We're going through this remarkable period of time where two things are happening. The technology is advancing at such an incredibly rapid rate, and we're going through this remarkable period of incredible creativity," he said.

Spacey, who is also set to produce a movie based on Sony's popular racing game series Gran Turismo, did add that despite the technological advances involved in his work, the basics of acting remain the same.

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"Everything I've learned about storytelling and arcs of characters, I've learned in the theatre," he said.