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Microsoft pits Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro against Apple’s MacBook Air in latest advert (video)

Microsoft is continuing to have a pop at Apple in its advertising, with the latest ad recruiting help from PC vendor Lenovo.

The advert (spotted by The Verge) pits Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro against the MacBook Air, in a laptop "dance off" (which also cleverly appeals to fans of the many dancing shows which have taken over our TVs at the weekend – possibly).

The ad highlights the fact that the Yoga is 4mm thinner than the Air, alongside the point that the Lenovo machine can bend fully backwards to become a "tablet", and can be propped up in "tent" mode to watch videos. The message is that the Yoga 3 Pro is a flexible device, and the MacBook Air isn't – and the advert also notes that the Yoga has a touchscreen whereas the Air doesn't.

It's a clever little piece of marketing, and another in the line of ads which we've seen since Microsoft first kicked off the old PC versus Mac war back in August, when Redmond compared its own Surface Pro 3 hybrid with the MacBook Air.

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It's unlikely that these campaigns will persuade Apple computer users that they need to go the Windows route, of course, and a quick glance at the YouTube comments on these adverts pays testament to that.

Watching breakdancing laptops is fun, though, there's no denying that...