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Seagate unveils new HDD: Claims to cut storage costs by 50%

Seagate has unveiled a new object-based storage drive, called Kinetic. The HDD has a more simplified infrastructure, reduced cost and improved scalability, according to the company.

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The new disc, created to replace legacy systems by combining open source object storage protocol with Ethernet connectivity, has garnered broad industry support from cloud and enterprise customers, as well as software and hardware systems partners, including AOL, Digital Sense, and Hewlett Packard, Seagate claims.

This is the first product to be crafted upon the Kinetic Open Storage platform.

"Over the past decade, the unprecedented explosion of data has been driven by social media, smartphones, tablets, and the rapid growth of every sort of Internet-connected device," said Scott Horn, Seagate's vice president of marketing.

"Cloud service providers (CSPs) are increasingly looking for solutions that will simplify infrastructure, improve scalability and reduce costs — Kinetic HDD addresses these needs revolutionizing the data storage economics for today's cloud and beyond."

The goal of this platform is to eliminate dedicated storage, replace it with Ethernet attached storage, which will allow apps to directly write to the disc.

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Each drive has its own IP address, which Seagate says improves overall performance speed.

The company says that this platform, by simplifying large-scale storage architectures, reduces power consumption, which could reduce total cost by a claimed 50 per cent.

Drives should begin shipping by the end of this month.