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Apple to ditch iPad mini after iPad Pro emerges in 2015?

Apple is apparently going to wind down production of its iPad mini and kill the compact tablet off next year, as it introduces a larger model – or that's the latest scuttlebutt from tech gossip mongers.

This somewhat dubious rumour comes from the far east, specifically the Economic Daily News (via Apple Insider) which cited the usual sources in the component manufacturing chain.

We all know Apple plans to introduce a 12in tablet (actually, previous rumours have pointed to 12.9in, but EDN is stating it'll be a flat 12in) dubbed the iPad Pro next year – but it would be very surprising if Apple ditched its small slate because of this.

Apparently, iPad mini sales have been shaky (well, iPad sales all round have been on the wane), and the new strategy reflects the consumer desire for larger screens, and the shift in smartphones towards phablets. So the rumour mill reckons, anyway, but there's still clearly a difference between a 5.5in phone and an 8in tablet, so we're finding this one a bit difficult to swallow.

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Unless iPad mini sales are really flagging compared to the full-size model – but then, perhaps Apple should consider dropping the price a bit rather than throwing the tablet baby out with the bathwater. We've always felt the mini is overpriced.

One thing is clear – an iPad Pro is on the way, and should be arriving next spring to help Apple further its presence in the enterprise world. Another rumour has even suggested one model could run both iOS and OS X.