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Cortana voice commands integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM users will now be able to speak to the artificial intellgence of Cortana, the Windows 8.1 personal assistant, it was revealed at the Convergence 2014 Europe business conference.

Cortana integration means users will be able to set up meetings and reminders, search for contacts, accounts and activities, view customer lists, and create customer records, with the help from the personal assistant.

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Cortana is similar to Apple's personal assistant Siri, with its speech recognition capability, but also has enough intelligence to put some context around users' commands and questions.

Known for its personalisation (amongst techies at least), Cortana starts off by trying to get to know the user. How this works in a business context will be interesting to see, if Dynamics users take to the addition at all. I have only used Siri for light entertainment on my iPhone, preferring to perform tasks manually (and silently).

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The official Microsoft line on Dynamics CRM 2015 is "breaking silos between sales and marketing". That's a big claim. Mark Corrigan in Peep Show couldn't do it (opens in new tab).

Dynamics 2015 will include updates to its platform capabilities, including client API enhancements, enhanced branching logic and near-real-time calculations. The entire list of updates and features can be found here (opens in new tab).

Do you work in sales and/or marketing? Can Microsoft bridge the age-old gap? Would you use Cortana to perform CRM functions? Let us know your view in the comments section below, or stop by for a chat with the ITProPortal team and other readers on ITProPortal's tech talk live chat.

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