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Google introduces new Calendar app with Lollipop, coming to Android 4.1+ soon

Google has introduced a new Calendar app for Android, which it's pushing out alongside its new Nexus 9 tablet that just went on sale (with Lollipop on board).

The fresh Calendar comes on board devices running Lollipop, but will also be available for all Android hardware running Android 4.1 or better.

So what's new with the app? Well, Google has retooled it to make the Calendar a bit more like a helpful personal assistant that does things for you – like automatically entering events into a month.

It pulls data from Gmail to do this, so when, for example, you book a flight, or buy tickets to a music gig, and get a confirmation email with a date and time, the calendar will automatically whip those details into your schedule. It will also show specifics like the flight time, and update these if your plane is delayed, or you receive another email confirming a rescheduling of your flight time. Pretty nifty.

A new feature called Assists is designed to save you time when you are manually entering details of an event, as it suggests names, places and so forth in auto-complete style as you type something in. All of this is fine-tuned based on events you've previously entered.

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Google has also introduced a new Schedule View to jazz things up, as it incorporates photos of places you might be going to, or maps, illustrations and other visuals bits and bobs.

Right now, the new Calendar app is only on Lollipop devices, but it'll become available in the Play Store for earlier Android versions in the "coming weeks" (but as mentioned, if you're pre-Android 4.1, you're out of luck).