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Nest Thermostat gets software update to help lower energy bills even more

The Nest Thermostat has today received a software update that should make life easier for consumers and help reduce their energy bill.

The 4.3 software update, which will be automatically downloaded over the next week, refines the thermostat's algorithms to ensure its Auto-Schedule feature is more efficient.

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Auto-Schedule is one of the device's main selling points, saving customers the time and hassle of programming the device themselves. Instead, Nest "learns" the temperatures and timings that suit the owner best and sets its own schedule.

The new update means that Auto-Schedule can react quicker to changes in the consumer's daily routine, such as when summer is over and children are returning to school. By reacting to shifts in patterns of use more rapidly, it is estimated that the update could save Nest owners an additional six per cent on their heating bills.

Nest has also reacted to customer feedback and included a Quick View setting as part of the update. Now important information such as the weather and humidity are easily accessed, and just by turning the device's external ring, customers can now view a summary of their energy usage and schedule.

Also being added to the platform is the ability to run a System Test. This will walk the user through basic functions, including making sure that the system is running when it is supposed to, to help the user identify and resolve any issues with their Nest Thermostat.

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As announced via the Nest blog, the company is also adding time and weather support for a host of extra countries. All users should have received the new software by the end of the week, and the firm has revealed that it is already working on further upgrades.