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Adobe launches open source text editor, Brackets 1.0, out of Beta

Brackets is an open source text editor built with web technologies for web designers and developers. Adobe created the tool three years ago, and has been contributing to it ever since. Now, after 45 minor releases, Brackets finally hits the long awaited 1.0 milestone.

The program blends visual tools into the editor, making it easier to design in code. Recent additions include multiple cursors, split view, theme support, and more. The latest release also comes with a preview version of Extract for Brackets, which is a new Creative Cloud service that speeds up the process of pulling design information like colors, fonts and gradients out of a Photoshop file, and turning it into CSS.

You can also use the new addition to extract PSD layers as images, use file information to define preprocessor variables, and get dimensions between objects.

Extract for Brackets (Preview) is included with Brackets 1.0 but is also available as a standalone extension on the Brackets Extension Registry.