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FieldWiz breaks new ground with affordable football activity tracker

A new wearable sensor that captures strategy and performance metrics for football players using a combination of hardware, software and GPS technology has been launched on Indiegogo.

Created by Switzerland-based firm FieldWiz, the device clips to the back of a specialised vest that players can wear during matches and training sessions to collect a range of data, including distances run, average and max speeds, the number of sprints and it even includes a heatmap to show zones covered during a game.

With a 10 hour battery life, weighing just 45 grams and measuring just 65mm x 65mm x 10mm, it is lightweight and unobtrusive so won't hinder players' match performance.

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After a match or training session, the data is synchronised to an online account that can be accessed via Android and iOS devices, enabling instant analysis.

Co-founder Julien Moix said, "To date, wearable quantified-self technology that allows coaches and teams to analyse physical and performance data has been the preserve of wealthy teams and professional clubs.

"We want to make smart, data-rich technology accessible to clubs, teams and players of all categories including semi-professional divisions, amateur and local leagues, and junior teams.

"The Indiegogo platform is a great opportunity to gather feedback, enter the market and create a community of passionate semi-professional footballers serious about improving."

The system has been tested by professional coach Mathieu Degrange, who said "it enables teams to evaluate the competencies of a single player and follow them in a game situation" and described the data as "solid, clear and reliable."

The information can also be compared between games, players and positions, enabling coaches at all levels of the game to analyse play and develop future formations and strategies to optimise team performance.