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Oculus Rift VR headset release date isn't that far away

The CEO of Oculus VR, Brendan Iribe, has been talking about the potential launch date of the Oculus Rift – although in somewhat vague terms.

Iribe was interviewed by USA Today, and said that the virtual reality headset was "months not years" away from the consumer market. However, before you get too excited about getting your hands on the Rift early next year, he clarified that months meant "many months", not just a few.

So, from the sounds of it, Christmas 2015 might be the prospective launch date to scribble in your gadget calendar. Fingers crossed, anyway, for those of you who are interested in a 3D gaming experience...

Iribe compared the VR market to the PC market in its early days, which appealed to just a small niche to begin with but very quickly accelerated. He told USA Today: "It will be a few million people who use it at first, predominantly in the home, and then quickly as the technology matures and more companies get into the space, this will take off."

His worry, though, as we reported yesterday is that other companies may rush their 3D headset to market to beat the Rift onto shelves, but in an unrefined state where the product still hasn't had motion sickness issues ironed out.

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Early dev models of the Oculus Rift were plagued by complaints of motion sickness, but these problems have since been addressed. If Sony, or someone else, is too eager to get their effort out, they may sour the public on the whole 3D VR thing before the Rift has a chance.

Though we don't believe Project Morpheus is exactly on the cusp of release yet, either...