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Oppo eyes success in emerging markets ... using high-end smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has announced that, like other well-known mobile firms, it is focusing on emerging markets, but unlike its competitors it doesn't believe that budget handsets should be the priority.

Instead, the firm is channelling its efforts into mid-to-high end devices, opting against the approach that has seen Xiaomi become the third largest smartphone vendor.

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Vice president of Oppo's mobile division Sky Li explained that the company's more expensive smartphones are already well-received in its native China.

"I would say that our Oppo products from mid to high range are well received by consumers in the market in China. For the RMB2000 to RMB3000 ($327 to $490) price range our market share is 25 per cent while for the RMB1500 to RMB2000 ($245 to $327) price range, we're at 15 per cent," he said.

Li also added that emerging markets, in particular Southeast Asia, provide a lucrative market proposition.

"If you look at the smartphone industry, developed markets such as Europe and America, yes no doubt, we have seen rapid growth, but we have come to see these developed markets have reached market saturation."

The company explained that its global expansion strategy will, initially at least, focus on nearby markets, but it ultimately hopes to be selling devices all over the world, particularly given compound growth figures of 30 per cent across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Despite the company's successful audio equipment business, Oppo has no plans yet to integrate its other technologies into future smartphone releases.

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The recent rise of the likes of Xiaomi and Lenovo, combined with falling revenue figures for established names like Samsung, will give Oppo cause for optimism that it can become one of the major players in the global smartphone market.