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Swype for iOS 8 gets updated with auto-suggested emojis

Nuance has pushed out an update for its Swype keyboard app for iOS 8.

With the new version of the finger swiping typing app, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users will benefit from support for 16 new languages, including UK English, and Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hinglish, Hungarian, Irish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.

Nuance has also introduced auto-suggest emojis. In other words, if the app detects words that pertain to a happy text, it will suggest a smiley – and other emoji depending on the content of your message.

It will be interesting to see how accurate that feature turns out to be (note that it's only available for six languages: US and UK English, French, Italian, German and Spanish).

The refreshed Swype for iOS 8 app also includes new keyboard layouts, with QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY, alongside a new layout for the iPad designed to make it easier to Swype out your messages no matter how you're holding the tablet. iPad users also get all of the app's themes for free now.

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Aaron Sheedy, vice president of mobile solutions, Mobile Division, Nuance, commented: "The response to Swype for iOS 8 has been amazing, and we're thrilled to have quickly updated the app with 16 additional languages – the most currently available for any third-party keyboard for iOS 8."

"People love the speed and ease of quickly Swyping from one letter to the next – and it's incredibly cool to see the words and phrases you are about to Swype automatically appear as you go – almost at the same time you're thinking them."

You can grab the new app from the App Store currently priced at 69 pence.