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Xiaomi readies action camera to challenge GoPro on pricing

Not content with its storming success in the smartphone market of late, Xiaomi apparently has plans to extend its tendrils into the action camera market.

This is turf ruled by GoPro, and you've probably seen folks racing around on mountain bikes with cameras strapped to their helmets, recording their trail-blazing antics for posterity and/or YouTube.

The word from GizChina is that Xiaomi is set to make its own mini-sports cam for the Chinese market, and it will undercut the likes of GoPro, aiming to gain a foothold via competitive pricing.

It sounds like it could be a good move for Xiaomi, which is apparently partnering with another Chinese firm, Ant Technology, in order to produce the device which could be released before 2014 is out. So, pretty imminently then – though it perhaps seems rather odd we haven't heard anything more concrete about the camera if it really is on the cusp of release.

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Despite only being in operation for four years, Xiaomi recently became the world's third largest smartphone vendor behind Samsung and Apple.

The company is looking to diversify in other areas, too, and recently made a $1 billion (£630 million) investment in TV and video content, as it eyes the set-top box market.

HTC is also looking to challenge GoPro with its RE wide-angled digital camera that's waterproof.