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Lyft sues ex-COO over alleged confidential data theft

Lyft, a San Francisco based American transportation network company, sued its former COO Travis VanderZanden on Wednesday, claiming he stole a number of confidential documents before leaving the company for their rival Uber, Tech Crunch has reported.

The complaint, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, says VanderZanden downloaded several important, non-public company documents to his personal Dropbox account, before leaving the company in August 2014.

That way, he directly violated the confidentiality agreement he signed when joining the company, claims Lyft.

"VanderZanden's possession of Lyft confidential information post-employment breached his Confidentiality Agreement," says Lyft.

"That agreement bars him from possessing post-employment, any Lyft confidential and propriety information, and prohibits him from using or disclosing such information to anyone," they added in the complaint.

Documents include strategic product plans, financial information, forecasts and growth data.

Lyft also claims VanderZanden copied emails to his PC and mobile phone, before handing back his company laptop.

The theft has been noticed after the company issued a detailed analysis of the company laptop the former COO worked on.

Lyft's competitor Uber, also a San Francisco based ridesharing service, was reached out to, and requested to conduct its own investigation regarding the alleged theft.

Uber released a report on 13 October, saying VanderZanden doesn't have any confidential Lyft documents. VanderZanden left the company after reported tensions with founders John Zimmer and Logan Green.