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Motorola Moto X gets an early suck on Google’s Lollipop

Motorola Moto X [2014] owners get ready to rejoice as you will be among the first to get hold of Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop OS and it could even arrive before Google Nexus 5 owners get their mitts on it.

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Screenshots from Motorola’s flagship smartphone, revealed by Phandroid, show an extensively redacted version of the OS that details the build version running on the phone as well as a number of new features such as a Flashlight and the ability to cast to a TV.

The screens picture the same mobile connection bars that are a hallmark of KitKat instead of the solid connection icon that is on most of the Lollipop renders shown off by Google so far. It was the same deal this time last year when KitKat running on the original Moto X included the older GPS icon at first before it was eventually replaced and the same should be the case here.

In addition to that, the drop-down settings menu details the presence of a dedicated “Flashlight” setting and Chromecast owners will be happy that the option to cast the phone straight onto a TV set is included as standard.

Motorola reportedly hasn’t chosen to abandon its own customised ambient display and voice commands in favour of Android 5.0 Lollipop’s own options, and lastly the Moto X camera will have a timer that can be adjusted to between three and 10 seconds.

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It’s currently unclear when Moto X [2014] will actually get the update and the possible date is contingent on the full release of the Nexus 6 that is anticipated to take place in the UK later on this month.