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3 top business insights of the week

ITProPortal has put together a list of the best IT business insight reports we've seen over the past week. From business freedom and ERP to user engagement and cloud, these are three reports and insights you don't want to miss. Here's our rundown.

The freedom to run your business your way

Customisation of legacy ERP applications is an expensive and complex nightmare of patches, regression coding, and headaches. In fact, it has a nickname: Frankenstein ERP—bolted on, ugly, and cobbled together out of various parts.

In today's fast-paced world, companies can't waste time and money maintaining antiquated systems. They must be able to tailor applications to accommodate their unique business needs.

Fortunately, Workday cloud applications solve this issue through configuration, which enables customers to manage their business without compromising on innovation or increasing complexity.

Read this free whitepaper (opens in new tab) to learn how Workday can help free IT from the burden of maintaining legacy ERP.

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10 critical requirements for cloud applications

Business is changing continuously. Today, IT departments play a very important role in enterprises that survive and thrive. Many IT departments are looking to cloud applications as the answer. Such growing interest in cloud computing has prompted almost every enterprise software vendor to claim that it's "in the cloud." However, in the industry's rush to fulfil demand, some vendors skip requirements that are critical to delivering the true benefits of cloud applications.

In this complimentary whitepaper, two cloud application pioneers discuss the 10 critical requirements of cloud applications. Stan Swete, chief technology officer at Workday and Steven John, strategic chief information officer at Workday offer solid guidance if you're heading for the cloud.

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A new model for user engagement

The way people communicate, share information and engage has fundamentally changed.Yet many workforce platforms were designed long before the Internet and weren't created to engage a Web-literate workforce or support the latest collaborative work styles.

Read the whitepaper, A New Model for User Engagement, to discover how Workday is redefining the way work gets done in our new business world with game-changing cloud-based innovations.

  • How work styles are changing and why
  • The limitations of legacy business applications
  • How to design a modern workspace

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