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Tech news weekly podcast #41: How to make the perfect LinkedIn profile

In this episode of the Tech News Weekly podcast we give you the tips you need to know to make your career a success by using LinkedIn.

Aatif Sulleyman has a roundup on his recent trip to Las Vegas to check out the FOCUS 14 event hosted by Intel Security.

We also hear about the number one smartphone in the middle east, the shocking and disturbing reasons why a memorial to the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was pulled down in Russia, and thoughts on the first look at the prototype Google Smartphone Ara.

Joining Wayne Scott this week is Aatif Sulleyman, Alysia Judge, Paul Cooper, Sam Pudwell and Tom Phelan.

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Articles discussed this week

Renée James: IoT could be a goldmine for hackers but Intel Security and McAfee are up for a fight

Watch Google show off a working prototype of Project Ara (it looks pretty great)

Seven LinkedIn profile tips for career success

Apple rules as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s named most popular smartphones