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Check out the new Dell Cloud Marketplace: Multiple clouds, one dashboard

Cloud adoption is booming amongst business users, but there's a big variation in what developers and IT managers want from their cloud deployments.

Developers want instant access to cloud services and true self-service capabilities, while IT managers require greater control, visibility and integration across the whole cloud spectrum.

The beta launch of Dell Cloud Marketplace gives both developers and IT managers the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage public cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Joyent via a single, unified console on the site.

Cloud Marketplace gives users the tools they need to select the best cloud services and solutions to meet their unique requirements. With management, governance and security built in It streamlines the buying and deployment of cloud services, allowing customers to use single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments across several users and various accounts.

"The Dell Cloud Marketplace epitomizes the Dell Cloud strategy of offering customers choice and flexibility while simplifying the cloud experience," says Nnamdi Orakwue, Vice President, Software Strategy, Operations and Cloud at Dell. "Developers benefit from the ease of multi-cloud purchases and the immediate use of cloud services. IT managers benefit from the governance, secure management and single billing of multiple cloud services. By combining those benefits with the strengths of Delphix, Docker and Pertino, together we will knock down the hurdles to using multiple cloud services effectively so customers can unlock the full potential of the public cloud ecosystem".

In addition to the marketplace Dell has announced alliances with Delphix, Docker and Pertino. Solutions from these companies will be made available via the Dell Cloud Marketplace next year, allowing users to subscribe to these offerings along with the public cloud infrastructure resources of their choice.

Dell Cloud Marketplace beta is now available in the US and you can sign up at there’s also more information on the company's blog.

Image Credit: Dell Inc.