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Nexus 6 UK price revealed: £499 for 32GB model

Well, the big moment has arrived as far as UK Nexus fans are concerned, as Google has finally revealed the price of its recently unveiled Nexus 6 flagship smartphone.

Over in the US, it was announced as $649, but we knew it was going to be expensive (far more so than the Nexus line usually is, as Google has previously used the handsets to represent good mid-range value-for-money purchases).

So what figure did you have in mind for the UK price?

Last month, the European price of the Nexus 6 was leaked at €569 for the 32GB model, and we did a quick bit of maths to work out that given the base Nexus 5 cost €339, and £299 in the UK, the Nexus 6 price would be bang on £500.

And indeed, it turns out that this is the correct price, with Google now putting the handset up on the UK Play Store at £499. That's less than some folks were thinking, as we had heard mention of pricing possibly hitting around the £550 mark or so.

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Of course, the 64GB model is more at £549. Sadly pre-orders aren't open yet, as the Play Store simply states the Nexus 6 is "coming soon".

Relative to the US, it's a good price, particularly if you compare the Nexus 6 to its Apple rival, the iPhone 6 Plus. The latter starts at $749 in the US compared to $649 for Google's flagship, a difference of $100. In the UK, the iPhone 6 Plus starts at £619, which makes the Nexus 6 £120 cheaper.

It's still by no means cheap, though, when compared to the Nexus 5 at £299 – but then the hardware is cutting-edge this time around.

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