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OnePlus One looks to shift a million units before 2014 ends

The OnePlus One handset has caused quite a stir for various reasons – its value for money, and the invitation system in place to actually buy one of the things (though a pre-order page was open for a very short window at the end of last month, and future pre-orders may pop up briefly).

And apparently the phone has been very successful with its novel approach, selling half a million units thus far.

OnePlus wants to double that up by the end of the year, having set itself a target of one million sales before 2015 is ushered in, according to co-founder Carl Pei, who spoke to Forbes at Dublin's Web Summit.

Pei admitted it would be a tricky goal to achieve, though: "It's going to be hard, but I think it's possible," he said.

OnePlus' innovative sales strategy for the device has meant the company has spent an advertising budget of just $300 (£190). Pei noted: "All that money was spent experimenting on different types of Facebook ads. We found that we've now reached a critical mass of users, and they are helping us spread the word organically."

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Pei further observed that a smartphone launch generally sees very strong sales in the initial month, which then fall off – but looking at the internal figures for the OnePlus device, "our sales just keep growing", he boasts.

Of course, the key to the OnePlus One, aside from a novel sales strategy, is the fact that it's a very well-specced piece of hardware for the asking price – and indeed, the company only makes a few bucks on each unit sold, Pei admitted.

Instead, the company is looking to pick up cash from accessories sold to the expanding user base – and of course, once OnePlus has carved out a bigger and bigger user base, future models will likely be able to be sold at more of a premium.

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