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What do WhatsApp’s new blue ticks mean?

We all know the drill.

You’ve spent hours composing the perfect WhatsApp message to the object of your desires and then comes the inevitable waiting game to see the one grey tick joined by another one followed by the disappointing nothingness that follows.

The person just ignored you, right?

Well apparently not.

WhatsApp has just confirmed that the two grey ticks has always meant that the message arrived on the other device and not that the recipient read it before choosing not to reply.

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This in mind, WhatsApp has introduced a double blue tick that indicates when the recipient has received and then read the message and it also included a guide to what the ticks indicate in group messages.

To that end, a second grey tick appears when every member of the group has received the message and once everyone has read it the double blue tick will be present. If you want to know who has and hasn’t seen your message then users of all devices are instructed to visit the Message Info screen.

WhatsApp even released a list of reasons as to why a single grey tick is still present on any given message. This includes the other person’s phone being off, network connection issues, seeing a notification and not launching the app, or they could have blocked you.

The addition of the ticks brings it in line with parent company Facebook’s Messenger application that has had read receipts for some time and the fact the tick is blue could indicate the service will soon be integrated with Facebook in some way.

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Messaging applications have been growing at an increasingly rapid rate in recent years and figures released by Informa in 2012 show that 19 billion messages were sent over apps whereas just 17.6 billion texts were transmitted in the same period.