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Facebook tweaks news feed: Instead of unfollowing, you can now ‘see less’ from a user

Facebook has been busy tweaking again – but don't worry, this time it's one of the social network's more useful updates, offering users more control over their news feed.

Going forward, when you spot a story you're not interested in pop up in your news feed, you can click/tap the arrow top-right to hide that story and also be given an option to 'see less' from that particular person or organisation.

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In other words, you don't have to completely unfollow someone (though you can still do that if you wish), instead you can now opt to just have a small(er) amount of content piped across from their musings. That's pretty nifty, and the feature is rolling out on the desktop from today, and to the mobile app in the "coming weeks".

Facebook is also changing the feed settings to show a list of the top people/pages which have showed up in your news feed over the last week, allowing you to sort them via various categories, and easily unfollow anyone you're getting tired of. It also keeps a list of accounts you have unfollowed, to enable you to follow them again with a simple click if you have a change of heart.

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As you've probably seen, Facebook has also recently launched a donation drive to help fight against the Ebola virus.