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Microsoft Future Decoded 2014 LIVE: Satya Nadella, Jeremy Paxman and Bob Geldof

As the winter winds swirl ever closer, journalists, business champions and thought leaders have taken shelter inside London's Excel Exhibition centre for Microsoft's Future Decoded 2014.

Aside from the promise of a heating system's warm glow, we're most looking forward to an event that promises to gather some of the world's most influential industry experts under one roof. They'll be speaking on how the way we think about the forces that drive economies forward need to evolve, how societies develop, and the pivotal role that technology will play in making those changes happen.

As Microsoft explains: "The future we face is uncertain. As the world grows beyond 7 billion people and our societies and economies shift against a backdrop of ever more powerful technology all we really know for sure today is that we cannot continue as we have for many decades. The ambiguity of our future combined with the incredible potential of a globally connected society present a unique set of opportunities and challenges for any organisation and their leaders.

"Future Decoded is an event that does not attempt to predict the future but instead will work to decipher it, it is a forum for the UK's business leaders to discover, provoke and provide insight into all the uncertainty we may face in the years ahead."

Of course, an event with an agenda as weighty as this requires speakers that wield considerable gravitas. That's why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself will be speaking at the event. His keynote address at 12.20pm GMT will outline how Microsoft is creating the next generation of technology for business.

Nadella’s keynote will be complemented by a backdrop of insights, opinions and provocations from globally recognised thought leaders including Sir Bob Geldof, Jeremy Paxman, Sir Martin Sorrell, Dame Stella Rimington, Ronan Dunne and Sara Murray OBE.

It promises to be a packed day, and we'll be covering every nugget live as the hours unfold. Be sure to check back regularly and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @ITProportal.