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British Airways A380 ad fools your eyes (video)

British Airways has celebrated its inaugural A380 flight from London to Singapore by reinventing the online video wheel using projection mapping to create a feature that makes you question what is that’s going on in front of you.

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The video, which was created by Projection Artworks to launch the new aircraft, takes advantage of the technique that uses perspective and movement with real-world objects to create something completely different to anything that came before it.

"Video-mapping uses bespoke animation to manipulate the look of a real-world object. Usually content is created from a specific viewing angle -- where the audience or camera is standing -- but to map the plane model we needed to produce animations to work from five different camera angles," said Tom Burch from Projection Artworks, according to

Projection mapping has been used in the past to project animations onto the side of buildings and in this case a 1:20 scale model of the plane was placed inside a giant lightbox. The company then used seven HD projectors to bounce the animation seen in the video above onto a plane and the illusion extends to the entire lightbox to look as realistic as possible.

Projection Artworks was reportedly inspired by street artists such as Kurt Wenner and Edgar Mueller to give the video an even higher level of perspective and the effect is completed by dry ice that boosts the depth perception further.

BA launched its Heathrow to Singapore Changi Airport service at the end of last month and it is formed of three direct services per week that translates into 4,000 new seats per month.

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The company has a firm order for some 12 A380s and it’s a major part of a strategy to boost the number of non-stop flights it is offering to Asian markets.

Image Credit: Flickr (Airwolfhound (opens in new tab))

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