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How to play music from your Gmail account

For anyone who has ever been sent MP3 songs or YouTube videos via Email, you may be interested to hear that you can actually play these straight from your Gmail inbox.

It's also possible to compile all the songs and videos that you've ever received into a playlist, meaning you can listen to all your favourite music without having to open another tab or programme.

Here, we tell you how it's done.

First, you'll need to open your web browser of choice, be that Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other, this should work fine with all of them.

Next, download "Play My Inbox," a free app that collates all the music files and music video links from your Gmail account.

After you've done that, just click the "Play My Inbox" button whilst still in the app and log in using your Gmail information.

The app will then populate your playlist with songs and music videos from your inbox, meaning all you have to do is click on the song you want to listen to and use the standard playlist controls such as "previous," "next" and "shuffle to navigate your playlist.