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Why field service management is the next big cloud success story

According to a supplier in the industry, the multi-billion dollar market of Field Service Management is getting a “long overdue cloud makeover.”

ServiceMax (opens in new tab) claims that its industry is only just “dipping its toe” into the possibilities that the cloud presents as businesses begin to realise the strategic advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the tablet and smartphone revolution.

The firm notes that service businesses represent around 70 per cent of the world’s economy, but only a third of large service companies across the world use field service management solutions.

“It’s a market poised for growth and it’s applicable to all vertical service industries and businesses of any size,” ServiceMax claims.

“Empowering service technicians with cloud-based real-time tools in the field means they can do work-orders, request parts, schedule and be scheduled, look up manuals, take payments, renew maintenance agreements, use social to communicate problems swiftly and effectively and upsell and cross sell products and solutions where appropriate.

To illustrate its point, ServiceMax has developed an infographic to explain why the Field Service Management market is poised for growth.

“As the attached infographic explains, with its massive potential for growth, automation, insight and efficiencies, the field service industry is set to become the new darling of cloud computing,” it claims.

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