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Amazon beats Google to .book and .pay but misses out on .cloud

Amazon has scored yet another significant win in the top level domain name stakes by securing the right to sell domains ending in .book just days after winning similar rights to .buy.

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It’s reported that Amazon paid some $10 million [£6.3 million] to be granted the privilege and some of the other companies that wanted to gain control of the domain suffix included Google and a clutch of publishers, according to Sky News.

Unfortunately it wasn’t able to bag the rights to the popular .cloud domain due to a little known Italian-based firm called Aruba buying it and with Google also in the running for that one it’s nailed on that Aruba paid a huge sum to be granted the exclusive rights.

Amazon’s latest big domain name spend comes after it already plundered $4.6 million [£2.91 million] for .buy just days ago and other domains that have been settled over the past few days include .dog, .live, .online, .tennis and .chat. It means that there are now just two of the 16 generic top level domains [gTLDs] to be auctioned off by 19 November with significant interest expected in both .dot and .apartments.

Auctions gTLDs are run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICANN] and in 2013 it opened the floodgates for hundreds of new suffixes beyond the regular .com and that have been the benchmark for years.

So far this year the .uk and .london domains have both launched with the latter capturing the interest of some 100,000 companies even before it had launched in April.

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ICANN plans to auction off another set of gTLDs in December with the level of interest still high and it can expect to see many more millions funnelled into its coffers by eager Internet firms.

Image Credit: Flickr (Tech Stage)