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Apple hit by lawsuit in US over blocked iPhone texts fracas

It seems that Apple is going to end up in legal hot water in the case of the missing text messages, with the company being ordered to face a lawsuit over in the States.

The issue at stake is the fact that some users who switched away from an iPhone to another mobile platform such as Android found they weren’t getting messages from other iPhone owners – because their iPhone was still trying to send the missive as an iMessage.

This was down to the person making the switch away from the iPhone failing to manually turn off iMessage on their old iPhone before switching their SIM card into their new handset – although apparently it still happened to some folks who had correctly switched iMessage off, as well.

Which is why Apple released a web tool yesterday to help ex-iPhone owners deregister their phone number from the iMessage system once and for all.

At any rate, despite Apple’s move to clear up this mess – which it must be said has been a long time coming – according to Reuters, Cupertino now faces a US lawsuit alleging that it failed to disclose the fact that its messaging system could block texts from iPhones for those who switch to another platform.

District Judge Lucy Koh has ordered Apple to face plaintiff Adrienne Moore's claim that she had “countless” messages blocked following a switch from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S5 on Verizon. Moore is aiming to prove that Apple disrupted her wireless contract with Verizon as a result of the blocking, and violated unfair competition regulations in place in California. Moore is aiming for a class-action suit, and Apple doubtless won’t be happy about that.